As part of our new website, we will be launching a new church blog! Starting next week, we will be, by God’s grace, posting on the following schedule.
Starting Immediately—Events
All church events will have a blog post with the dates and details as soon as those details are available. If something seems to be missing, please let us know.
Starting Next Week—Weekly Blog Categories
Monday —“And I Quote…”
Each Monday we will post a new quote, taken from the reading, past and present, of our staff members. Some of the quotes will be convicting, some will be informative, but we trust that all of them will be beneficial.
Tuesday — Original Article
Each Tuesday, we will post a 300–600 word article. This may be connected to something that was preached and taught, or perhaps even a guest post at times, but it will always be something that has not appeared elsewhere.
Wednesday— Un•Jar•gon•ed
Each Wednesday, there will be a new theological term briefly explained in simple language.
Thursday— Yet Speaking
Each Thursday we will have an article length (300–600 words) selection from one of the great believers of the past.
Friday—Friday Findings
On Friday, we will have a weekly round-up of helpful links to other blogs and websites.
Coming in February
Each month we will review a book, with a portion of the review being posted each Saturday. There are many other ideas in the works as well—so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe!