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Un•jar•gon•ed—January 20

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Jar•gon, words and terms that are either only used by a particular profession or group—or that have a unique meaning when used by that group, can be intimidating. While it is often essential for accuracy and precision, it can often degenerate into a form of lexical snobbery, permanently excluding those not in the know.
Theology, the study of God, needs technical terms as much as any area of serious study. The church needs expert theologians at least as badly as society needs expert lawyers and doctors, but theology, unlike law or medicine, cannot be left to the experts alone. Every believer has an obligation to seek to know God and His Word with as much precision as possible—and learning the basic terminology of doctrine is essential to that process. This series seeks to take the technical terms, the jargon, of theology and explain it in language that everyone can understand.
Coming up next week…. Theology Proper.