Over the next several weeks, we will be covering the major “ologies” used to refer to the various topics of theological study. Not all of these terms are of equal significance in the grand scope of things but all of them are worth knowing.
Christology is the doctrine of the person of Christ. Jesus Christ was both fully Divine and fully human—yet only one glorious Person. When the eternal Son of God took on flesh for our redemption, He became a real and complete human being without giving up the least bit of who He already was as God. The Divine and human natures of Christ are never to be thought of as mixed or mingled, yet they are also never to be thought of as divided or separated. The doctrine of the Trinity, discussed last week, is that of one God in three Persons. The doctrine of Christ is that of two distinct natures, Divine and human, in one united Person.
Coming up next week…  Pneumatology