Anthropology, coming from the Greek words anthropos (meaning man) and logos, (meaning word) is the study of mankind. Unlike most theological terms, anthropology is widely used in other disciplines as well, (e.g. cultural anthropology, evolutionary anthropology). Theological anthropology is concerned with what the Bible says about the origin, nature, and destiny of human beings. God created humanity, male (Adam) and female (Eve), in His own image and likeness. Unlike the animals, Adam and Eve were created as living souls, capable of a personal relationship with their Creator. Their subsequent rebellion destroyed that relationship and brought death and judgment into the world. Yet the image of God in them, however defaced by sin, was not altogether eradicated. The remnants of that image, present in every human being from the moment of conception, give a sanctity to human life that is not shared by any other living creature. Through the work of Christ alone, full restoration to the image and likeness we were created in and the fellowship we were created for is made possible for anyone who will accept it.
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