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Tempted and Tried—Part Four

This article concludes the essay posted last week.
Yet after a seemingly endless string of triumphs, Satan met defeat in the wilderness near the Jordan River. The temptations that Jesus faced then are, at the core, the same temptations that we face today. You may never have been tempted to turn stones into bread—but all of us have been tempted to abandon the Fatherly provision of God for whatever our appetites could devise for their own satisfaction. You may never have been tempted to throw yourself down from the pinnacle of the temple—but all of us have been tempted to seek protection and vindication on our own terms. You may never have been tempted to fall down before Satan—but all of us have been tempted to exalt our own little kingdoms. He was faced with the questions of identity, desire, and destiny that lie at the root of every temptation that you will ever face—and He gave the right answer every time.
We will never gain the victory in our little part of the cosmic battle between the Serpent and the image bearers of Christ in our own strength. We don’t have to. If you are in Christ, you have a new identity, new desires, and a new destiny. In Christ, God has promised you provision, vindication, and dominion. Through the power of the cross and the work of the Spirit we have access to the victory that Jesus won on our behalf. If we are to access that victory, we must come face to face with the danger that we are in. We must daily refuse the Satanic offers of provision, protection, and exaltation and trust in the promises of our Father and the victory won by our elder Brother. Jesus is our only hope.
The truths that Moore presents are powerful—yet perhaps the greatest strength of the book is the way those truths are expressed. Truth that does not capture your imagination will not change your heart. Written in vivid and visceral language that will linger long in the mind, Tempted and Tried, does far more than simply give theological truths about temptation. It opens a window into what is really going on in our hearts and minds as we struggle against the wiles of the Devil—and points on every page to the only One who can bring us the victory. I highly recommend it.
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