The “Book of the Month” for March will be Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. One of Pastor Houston’s favorite books, it is a convicting treatment of the sins that we are all too often willing to tolerate. Many times we as Christians can be so concerned with the striking sins of the society around us that we ignore the subtler, but equally devilish sins in our own hearts. Repentance is always the prerequisite for proclamation.
Starting next Saturday, and continuing through Saturday, April 2, we will be posting quotes and comments on each week’s reading. On Sunday, April 3, we will have a coffee and cookies book discussion in the equipping center after the evening service—but only for those who have read the book!

Reading Schedule:

March 6–12 | Preface—Chapter Six
March 13–19 | Chapters Seven—Eleven
March 20–26 | Chapters Twelve—Sixteen
March 27-April 2 | Chapters Seventeen—Twenty-One
Following this reading schedule only requires an average 6.5 pages a day!


Hardcover ✓
Paperback ?
Kindle ✓
Vyrso (for Logos) ?
DRM free ebook ?
iBooks ✓
Nook ✓
Audiobook ✓
If there is a format you would like us to provide availability information on for future reviews just let us know! Print formats marked as available for a particular title will be available at the church. A free sample of the book is available here.