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Soteriology, coming from the Greek words soteria (meaning deliverance or salvation) and logos, (meaning word), is the study of the doctrine of salvation. As we discussed last week, all mankind stands under the just condemnation of God. The clear teaching of Scripture is that there is absolutely nothing that rebels like us can do to please a good and holy God. We, like our father Adam, have not done what we should have done and we have done what we should not have done and we must pay the just penalty for both. It was when we were in this dire condition, the unreconciled enemies of God, that Jesus Christ, full God united to full and yet sinless humanity, came down for our redemption. Not only did He die the death we deserved to die but He also lived the perfect life we were required to live. All and only those who will repent of their rebellion and place their faith and confidence in Christ alone will be given, through the work of the Spirit, the reconciliation with the Father that the Son came to bring.