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Friday Findings—March 18

Headscarves and Hashtags
“[O]ur brothers and sisters who bear witness while walking through the fire could never relegate their Cross-bearer to a position of “honorable mention” in the same-God debate. Neither should we. Jesus won’t take second place, for he is the great King, lavishing mercy upon us sinners, giving life to all who come to him.”
4 Essentials for Finishing Well
This excellent article is all the more poignant because Jerry Bridges, who wrote it, practiced what he preached and finished well.
The Cherubim Cheered the Loudest
This article is powerful!
Better Than a Birth Plan
“[A]s you contemplate your own birth plans, remember that God loves both you and your child and knows what both of you need most. By his grace, trust that he has planned every one of your child’s days and that he is working for your good. His plans for you are better than your own plans, and he’ll work them out.”