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God’s Smuggler | Part One

The “Book of the Month” for April will be God’s Smuggler by Anne van der Bijl (better known as Brother Andrew) and John and Elizabeth Sherrill. As a child, this was one of my favorite books—an true story more thrilling than any novel, full of examples of the power of God and the value of His Word. I look forward to reading it once more with you!
Starting this Saturday, and continuing through Saturday, April 30, we will be posting quotes and a summary of each week’s reading. On Sunday, May 1, we will have a coffee and cookies book discussion in the equipping center after the evening service—but only for those who have read the book!
Reading Schedule:
April 3–9 | Prologue—Chapter Six
April 10–16 | Chapters Seven—Twelve
April 17–23 | Chapters Thirteen—Seventeen
April 24–30 | Chapter Eighteen—Epilogue
Following this reading schedule requires an average of less than 10 pages of text a day!

Hardcover ?
Paperback ✓
Kindle ✓
Vyrso (for Logos) ?
DRM free ebook ?
iBooks ✓
Nook ✓
Audiobook ✓

If there is a format you would like us to provide availability information on for future reviews just let us know! Print formats marked as available for a particular title will be available at the church.