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God’s Smuggler | Part Two

I hope you all have enjoyed the first week’s reading of God’s Smuggler as much as I did. The questions for thought are some of the ones that confronted me as I was reading—some of them will keep me thinking for a while!
Chapter One: Smoke and Bread Crusts
Growing up as a boy in a small Dutch village during the German occupation, a life spent in service to Christ was about the last thing that anyone would have predicted for the young Andrew. The Whetsra’s graciousness to a thoroughly obnoxious brat made an impact on someone who would go on to be enormously used of God. Would the way that we respond to petty provocations make the same difference?
Chapter Two: The Yellow Straw Hat
Andrew went to war looking for adventure—but what he found brought only misery and devastation. He became the elite commando he had dreamed as a young boy of being—but it only left him feeling empty. What will the dreams that you have now leave you with if you were to achieve them?
Chapter Three: The Pebble in the Shell
Andrew’s grand adventure ended in a hospital bed, but that didn’t mean he had learned his lesson yet—and he continued to run from God. Sometimes the seed of the Gospel takes a long time to grow. Are you willing to keep witnessing, even to those who seem to ignore it?
Chapter Four: One Stormy Night
Thile wanted Andrew to be a Christian, but she didn’t really want him to follow Christ—unless Christ was leading in a thoroughly respectable direction. What would you want if you were in her shoes?
Chapter Five: The Step of Yes
Greetje was about the most improbable convert you could imagine, yet God’s grace was as sufficient for her as for anyone else—and God gave Andrew the wisdom to know how to show her that grace. Is there anyone you think is too wicked to be converted? Do you think God would agree?
Chapter Six: The Game of the Royal Way
As he prepared for missions work, Andrew learned to trust God to be the King that He says that He is. He learned to trust Him with everything. How much are you willing to trust Him with?