God’s Smuggler is certainly an exciting read—but sometimes the questions it raises of our own hearts are rather uncomfortable.
Chapter Seven: Behind the Iron Curtain
Our swiftly changing culture can often make the cause of the gospel seem hopeless, tempting us to fury or despair. Seeing the power of Communism for the first time, Brother Andrew felt the same temptation—yet he responded in faithfulness. How will you respond to the same question?
Chapter Eight: The Cup of Suffering
For a long time, professing Christianity has gone hand in hand with being a “good American.” What if Christianity were to become “unpatriotic?”
Chapter Nine: The Foundations are Laid
God used the Whetstras to give Andrew the car that he needed—but that meant that they no longer had a new VW. What would you be willing to give up so that others could have what they need for God’s service?
Chapter Ten: Lanterns in the Dark
Bro. Andrew’s car kept running even when it shouldn’t have—but there was still a mechanic who had to spend the night overhauling the engine. Would you be willing to give up a night’s sleep to bring a miracle to someone else?
Chapter Eleven: The Third Prayer
Professor B led a privileged life—yet he was willing to give that life up to translate for a fellow believer. Would you be willing to give up the privileges that you have to aid the spread of the gospel?
Chapter Twelve: Counterfeit Church
The East German government led a concentrated effort to win the hearts of young people—and many of the churches eventually gave up the fight and compromised with their culture. How many of the unhealthy influences of our culture do you accommodate in your home?