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Friday Findings—April 22

When Her House Was Scheduled for Demolition
This story of joy in the midst of difficulty is both convicting and encouraging.
Isolation from the Church Is Dangerous
“We must learn to see the church as a blessing from God rather than an inconvenience. We must never look at the church as a violation to our spiritual privacy fence. We were never called to walk the journey of the Christian life alone.”
‘What Do People Want?’ is The Wrong Question:
“Disciple making ministry through Spirit empowered gospel proclamation will always seek to understand ministry context… However, this is fundamentally different than asking ‘what do people want?’”
10 Reasons I Love Being a Pastor
“[I]n spite of the challenges, there is no more-privileged calling than that of being a minister of Jesus Christ. Local church ministry can sometimes be difficult, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges.”