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God’s Smuggler | Part Four

God’s Smuggler is a fascinating story—but is also a challenging one. These are some of the challenges that struck me as I read this week’s chapters. I wish I had a better answer to some of them!
Chapter Thirteen: To the Rim of the Inner Circle
With all his plans in disarray, Bro. Andrew began to be discouraged. Yet God used even his seemingly unnecessary detour to bring him tremendous encouragement. What use do you make of the detours God sends you on?
Chapter Fourteen: Abraham the Giant Killer
By all accounts, Abraham and his wife should have miserable. They had almost nothing—and yet their deep joy and contentment was immediately obvious. How content are you in the midst of comparative abundance?
Chapter Fifteen: The Greenhouse in the Garden
The farmer and his wife paid the cost to stay—so that there would still be someone to pray. Even when it costs us nothing, how often are we “too busy” to pray for the communities God has placed us in?
Chapter Sixteen: The Work Begins to Expand
Andrew had played the Game of the Royal Way long ago—but that didn’t keep him from once again slipping into the same “attitude of lack” that he had fought to overcome so long ago. What old challenges have returned to trouble you?
Chapter Seventeen: Russia at First Glance
Things are often not quite what they seem. Bro. Andrew was consistently willing to work to understand what was really going on, while still being sensitive to the difficulties his enquiries could cause for others. How often do we care enough to look beyond the obligatory “I’m fine” to see if there is anything we can actually do to help?