Lord, I Deserve Thy Deepest Wrath


Lord, I deserve thy deepest wrath,
Ungrateful, faithless I have been;
No terrors have my soul deterred,
Nor goodness wooed me from my sin.


My heart is vile, my mind depraved,
My flesh rebels against Thy will;
I am polluted in Thy sight,
Yet, Lord have mercy on me still!


Without defense to Thee I look,
To Thee the only Saviour, fly;
Without a hope, without a friend,
In deep distress to Thee I cry.


Speak peace to me, my sins forgive,
Dwell Thou within my heart, O God,
The guilt and pow’r of sin remove,
And fit me for Thy blest abode.

Basil Manly, Jr. (1825–1892), The Baptist Psalmody: A Selection of Hymns for the Worship of God, (Sheldon, 1850), Hymn 445