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God’s Smuggler | Part Five

It is hard to believe that we have already reached the end of God’s Smuggler! I’m looking forward to discussing it on Sunday night with those of you who have followed along in our reading. These are some of the challenges that struck me as I read the final chapters.
For Russia with Love
Brother Andrew frequently faced attacks, both real and feigned, on the culture and practices of his homeland—yet he never let that distract him from risking everything to help those very same believers. Do you allow offense at secondary matters to distract from your witness to the gospel?
Bibles to the Russian Pastors
Bro. Andrew was willing to give up even the house that God had blessed him with in order to print Bibles for the Russian pastors. Is there anything that you would be unwilling to give up in order to see God’s mission go forward?
The Awakening Dragon
At first sight, China looked like a hopeless case—no one even wanted his Bibles. Yet today the picture looks very different indeed. In fact, by most estimates, China is likely to have more believers than any other country on the planet sometime within the next few decades. What “hopeless” situation has you discouraged?
Twelve Apostles of Hope
Bro. Andrew influenced many believers, who could have left a very difficult situation, to stay in Cuba—even when an easier life was available elsewhere. Are you willing to stay where God has placed you—regardless of the cost of doing so?
Epilogue: The Further Adventures of God’s Smuggler
No matter how strong the challenge—from atheistic Communism to radical Islamic Fundamentalism, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is always stronger. Do you believe that? Does your life reflect that belief?