Christianity is not just an experience, we need to remember, but it is about truth. The experience of being reconciled to the Father throughout the Son, by the work of the Holy Spirit all happens within a worldview. This worldview is the way God has taught us in his Word to view the world. That is why the Bible begins with Genesis 1:1 and not with John 3:16. It begins by setting out the distinction, as against paganism, between Creator and creation. It then lays out an understanding of God in his nature and redemptive works as well as an understanding of who humans are in their nature and in their fallenness. All of this sets the stage for the coming of Christ, for his incarnation, life, death, and resurrection. It is on this basis that God’s wrath is assuaged, our sin is judged, our alienation is overcome and we who are by nature unrighteous are made righteous in Christ. This happens only because of his grace and only through the empty hand of faith by which all of this is received. A Christian worldview, then, is one that rests upon a biblical understanding of the world, God, ourselves, and the redemptive work of Christ.
David Wells, The Courage to Be Protestant, (Eerdmans, 2008) pgs 45-46