Chapter Eleven: The History of the Organization of the Church9781433677762

“Through all the changes of the centuries, Christians can be confident that the survival of the church is not ultimately based on human faithfulness…. In everything from the church’s obedience to its life and organization, the span of church history is a demonstration of Christ’s faithfulness to his promises.”—pg 124

Reflection Question: Are you ever tempted to think that the future of the church depends solely on you? God surely uses all of us—but He does not need any of us.

Chapter Twelve: A Protestant Church: Putting Together the Marks of the Church

“In summary, Christianity requires a conscious belief in the gospel. When God’s authoritative Word is taught, it must be consciously believed and trusted. This trust, or faith, is what distinguishes God’s people, who have made an initial confession in baptism and a continuing confession through participation in the Lord’s Supper.”—pg 130

Reflection Question: Do you sometimes find yourself just going along with the flow? Going along with the flow is never enough—even if the flow is headed in the right direction.