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Friday Findings—June 3

3 Truths to Speak To Your Temptation
“The temptation to sin is inevitable when you are a sinful person living in a sinful world. But the actual committing of sin is by no means inevitable when you are made a saint through Christ Jesus. Learn to speak truth, his truth, to every temptation.”
10 Ways to Grow Your Marriage While Having Young Kids
“[B]eing a parent, for all the strains it can put on your marriage, also allows your marriage to grow deeper and richer. It’s like going into battle with someone, coming home, and then realizing what good friends you’ve become because you were in the trenches together. So I’m learning to see this challenging season as an opportunity for our marriage, not merely a phase to endure.”
Know When to Walk Away | A Twelve-Step Digital Detox
“This is a counterintuitive article about how to step back from social media for a short season for the purpose of recalibrating your life habits and priorities… to find digital health and balance in a world without digital brakes.”