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The Church: The Gospel Made Visible | Part Seven

Conclusion: Why Does This Matter?9781433677762

“Most evangelical Christians today seem to treat their church as one more thing to help out their Christian life, perhaps along with this Bible study, that music, those authors, this retreat, and keeping a journal. In other words the Christian conceives of his or her spiritual life as fundamentally one’s own business, managed by selecting among various helps. This approach contrasts with an older and more biblical way of thinking about the Christian life that is congregationally shaped, where the demands of the gospel are made concrete in a particular local church (see 1 John 4: 20).”—pg 151

Reflection Question: No matter how vibrant your personal walk with God is, it is insufficient in and of itself. The local church is vital to God’s plans for the spiritual health of His people. How vital is it to yours?