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Friday Findings—July 8

Fear Not, the Universe Is Wildly Out Of Your Control
“Christian, fear not, the universe is wildly outside of your control. But it is firmly in His control. And He cares for you. So laugh, and do what he has set before you today.”
Susannah Spurgeon: A Ministry-Minded, Self-Sacrificing Wife
“Susannah Spurgeon [was] the woman affectionately known as ”wifey“ to Charles Haddon Spurgeon, history’s ”Prince of Preachers.“ Though much is known about Charles, less is known about his faithful wife, who was the quiet strength behind his successful ministry.”
When A Christian Feels Dry: A Simple Practice
“If you know life in Christ, you know languishing in Christ. We all go through dry seasons….The answer lies at the very heart of our Christian faith. Even as we embarked upon the Christian faith by feeding upon Christ, so we continue in the faith by feeding upon Christ. He is the one thing necessary.”