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Friday Findings—July 15

I’m Never Bored, and I Think It Might Be Killing Me
“But I can see that something really does need to change. I want to make room for God to speak. I want to create space for creativity. And so I’ll continue to battle on. I’ll continue to try to carve out space in my life. Space for quiet. Space for thinking and prayer. I’ll battle for boredom.”
Have You Looked Into the Mirror Today?
“It is a privilege to have God’s Word, to have God’s mirror. It is a joyful responsibility to gaze into it, to study the reflection, to believe what I see, and to take action. It is a joyful responsibility to thank God for what I see there of the image of Christ and an equal responsibility to seek his forgiveness and to pursue repentance in all those areas where I do not see the image of Christ. The mirror is an opportunity to gaze and thank, gaze and repent, gaze and change.”
It Can Wait: Our Impatient World Needs Our Patience
“It can wait” because we know one day our waiting will pay off. On that day, we will finally get all we truly desire—Who we truly desire. And He is so much better than a new cell phone.”