The past several weeks of unjargoned have covered a selection of significant dates in church history from the time of the Reformation. Not all of the events we have discussed have been positive, all of them are important to remember. While we have not covered every significant event, or even come close, we will be moving on to another category in the next few weeks.
Now of course a list of significant dates wouldn’t be any fun without a quiz—so we will have one next week. If you’ve missed some of the dates, now is the time to catch up!

1517—Luther’s 95 Theses

1526—First Complete Edition of Tyndale’s New Testament

1534—Beginning of “Official” Reformation in England

1525—Beginning of the Anabaptist Movement

1529—2nd Diet of Speyer

1530—Augsburg Confession

1536—First Edition of the Institutes

1537—“Matthew’s Bible”

1545—Beginning of the Council of Trent

1555—Peace of Augsburg

1560—Geneva Bible