Chapter Two

In the short time that they had as pioneer missionaries in the Wissel Lakes, the Dieblers endured many privations and hardships. Miserable weather, harsh trails, wrenching illnesses, primitive conditions, and much else were their daily lot. As we consider such exotic hardships, there can be a temptation to “surrender” to challenges that we aren’t being asked to face, while ignoring the difficult steps of obedience we have been called to in our own lives. Whether or not we ever endure their hardships, we must imitate their obedience in the place where God has actually put us.

Chapter Three

Darlene couldn’t understand why the bandits never returned—it was not until after the war that she learned of the Lord’s miraculous protection. Though God does, for His own good purposes, allow us as His children to suffer, He also protects us in ways that we are often not even aware of. When was the last time you thanked the Lord for the miracles you never knew about?