Chapter Six

As Darlene writes in this chapter, it can sometimes be easier to forgive wrongs done commited against us than than injustices done to those we love. The reality is that the greatest bitterness is rarely caused by the greatest wrongs. If we allow unforgiveness to rankle in our hearts it will destroy us, regardless of how (comparatively) minor the initial provocation may have been. If Darlene had allowed bitterness to take root at this point, her story would have turned out very differently. Unforgiveness is always destructive to the life of faith.

Chapter Seven

The loss of her dear husband, whom she had not seen for so long, was perhaps the great hardship that Darlene went through during her imprisonment. Yet it was in the midst of this trial that she took the opportunity to share the love of Christ with the camp commander. Though Mr. Yamaji had harmed both her and those she loved in many ways, she still cared more about his soul than her grief. How many times are we so focused on our own struggles that we fail to care about the eternal destiny of those around us?