Plan Now to Die Well
If you don’t have a better plan for how you are going to die, someone will probably just turn on the television… Nothing will be more discordant in that final hour than the television. And nothing sweeter than the “heavenlie sound” of friends singing and reading the word of God. Full of the gospel, full of Christ, full of hope. Plan for this.”
Motherhood in the Cosmic War
“In the footsteps of the serpent-crusher, Eve’s daughters of faith are called to nurture (mother) life in the face of death. Our mothering work is cross-shaped. That means we fight in this war by grace through faith. As “earth-bound” as our work may seem, we remember that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood as we nurture life both inside and outside the womb. Our God-designed maternal instinct is a matter of spiritual warfare.”
An Essential Key to Understanding the Development of the NT Canon
“How and when the early church recognized the 27 books in our New Testament has always been a fascinating topic for people… Unfortunately, the high level of interest in the New Testament canon is often combined with a high number of misconceptions about the canon… While there is no quick cure for such misconceptions, there is one essential key that really helps clear away the cobwebs. And that key is understanding the different categories of books in early Christianity.”