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Friday Findings—August 19

Ten Things Pastors Would Love to Hear from Their Church Members
“It is a simple question. What do you hear from your church members that gives you the greatest encouragement? The responses from the pastors were amazingly similar. In fact, I was able to focus on ten specific areas. Here are summary statements of those areas.”
Captive to Comparison
“[The] gospel message is the only thing we should seek to pattern our lives after… By grace, turn from your captivity to comparison and be conformed into the image of the Perfect Son.”
Stop Having Quiet Times
“God wants to catch your ear in order to awaken your voice. When you have your “quiet” time, or as you walk outdoors, or during your commute, may the decibel level appropriately rise to joyful noise and cries of need—and may you trust that God listens to the sound of your voice.”