How Do I Know if My Child Has Become a Christian?
“Your child does not get a visible mark on her forehead or a stripe on her back when she comes to Jesus, so you have to talk, pray, and discern… Most of all though, keep putting the Gospel in front of your children… God’s word never returns void, our labor in the Lord is not in vain, and in due time we will sow if we reap, so take every opportunity to tell and show your kids that Jesus is better than life.”
Four Ways Teenagers Live for More
“Teenager, do you want to live? I mean, really live. Not the kind of passive living that is not living. But do you want your life to matter? Do you want to live now as a way to invest in your future self? Then live for something bigger than yourself. Live for others more than yourself. Live and keep learning. Live with unperturbable happiness. Listen to Jonathan Edwards, a fellow teenager from the past who wanted to follow Jesus just like you, and live with resolve.”
Four Reasons to Pray for Your Pastor Daily
“Any man can take the title pastor, and too many men have. Only those called of God can rightly shepherd his flock. If God has given you such a man, you have been blessed indeed. Make sure and bless him—and yourself—by praying for him daily. Pastor appreciation Sunday comes around one week a year. Why don’t you show your appreciation daily by praying for God’s man?”