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Friday Findings—September 16

Be Bold Enough to Follow The Truth As Far as It Takes You:
“What we need are bold Christians—Christians bold enough to disappoint anybody necessary for the contending of the faith… What we need are Christians so committed to Christ, that they will go to their crosses to affirm all that he said, not just the popular parts.”
Why Marriage Is Better Than Cohabitation
“Though Christians continue to affirm the uniqueness, the goodness, and the necessity of marriage, our society continues to legitimize cohabitation as either a common precursor to marriage or a complete alternative. This slide is troubling, for marriage offers a number of important benefits that are absent from cohabitation—benefits that extend to couples, to their children, to their families, and to society as a whole.”
Kindness Changes Everything
“Kindness is no small thing. It yields marvelous fruit both in our lives and the lives of those around us… We open ourselves to the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit when we ask him to produce in us kind hearts that overflow through kind lips.”