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Pilgrim’s Progress | Part One

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Our book for the remainder of September and the month of October will be Pilgrim’s Progress, in the beautiful edition put out by Crossway. An enduring classic, Bunyan’s famous allegory of the Christian life has been treasured by believers for well over 300 years.
While Pilgrim’s Progress has been abridged or otherwise altered many times, this edition, edited by C. J. Lovik, seeks to preserve the voice of the original while still making it easier for today’s readers to comprehend. Though long sentences have been broken up and obselete verbal forms have been replaced the voice that shines through the finished product is still that of Bunyan himself. The many illustrations that accompany the text are a worthy companion and the volume itself has been produced with excellence. I’m looking forward to reading it through along with all of you.

Reading Schedule:

September 18–24 | Chapters One—Two
September 25-October 1 | Chapters Three—Four
October 2–8 | Chapters Five—Six
October 9–15 | Chapters Seven—Eight
October 16–22 | Chapter Nine—Twelve
October 23–29 | Chapter Thirteen—Conclusion
October 30 | Book Discussion after the Evening Service

Following this reading schedule requires an average of less than 5 pages of text a day!


Hardcover ✓
Paperback ????
Kindle ✓
Vyrso (for Logos) ????
DRM free ebook ✓
iBooks ????
Nook ✓
Audiobook ✓

If there is a format you would like us to provide availability information on for future reviews just let us know! Print formats marked as available for a particular title will be available at the church. Please note that the availability listings above are for the particular edition we will be using—the text of Pilgrim’s Progress is available in almost any format you could imagine.