One Very Good Reason to Read Your Bible
“[T]he benefit of personal devotions goes far beyond self. The benefit of knowledge of God and intimacy with God extends to your family, to your neighbors, to your church. If you can’t or won’t do devotions for your own sake, won’t you do it for the sake of others? Won’t you do it for their good, even if not for your own?”
You Don’t Have to Get Elected or Make Movies to Change Culture
“If we think about “changing culture” only in terms of special, limited activities, like influencing elections or making movies, we will always end up having to choose between a focus on changing culture and a focus on loving our neighbors. But if we teach people to be disciples of Jesus Christ in their workplaces, loving our neighbors—serving them through our work—becomes a way of bringing the gospel to our culture.”
You Could’ve Been Something
“Christ set me free from the pressure of becoming something. His death reminds me that it was never about me anyway. I was never the History maker — He is. I am not the world changer — He is. Fame, acclaim, and praise will destroy me. They will not destroy Him. Glory will devastate me. Glory will indeed make me somebody — a monster who is hiding a fragile ego that needs to be more than just a servant.”