Chapter One

Though God uses many means to draw His children to Himself, true conversion always begins with the conviction of personal sin and God’s deserved judgment on that sin. If you are a believer today, what was it that first made you aware of the “wrath to come”? If you have not yet come to know the Lord, you need to consider anew that the God with which you have to deal is One that cannot and will not tolerate the least deviation, in thought, word, or deed, from the perfection demanded by His law.

Chapter Two

There have always, and until the day that Christ returns, will always be, Mr. Worldly Wise Men to turn would-be pilgrims from the way of the cross down a somewhat easier path. Yet this “watered down” Christianity, no matter how pleasant it sounds, will always be utterly devoid of saving power. Any belief system that downplays the cross is nothing more than damnation with a new dust-jacket, no matter what those who promote it try to tell you.