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The Pilgrim’s Progress | Part Five


Chapter Seven—On Trial for the Gospel

Christian and Faithful were treated horribly by the citizens of the town of Vanity—yet their response always remained loving and patient. Too often today, the speech of professing Pilgrims sounds more like the clamor of the townsmen than the meekness of the Christian and Faithful. May that not be true of us.

Chapter Eight—Confronting Worldly Attachments

By-ends was all for Christianity—as long as it didn’t cost him too much trouble. There are many today who are of the same mind, trimming the sails of their “gospel” as they navigate the ever-shifting waves of popular culture. It is sobering to think of how easy it is to make the worship of God a means to further our own agenda rather than the end goal of everything we do, as it rightly ought to be.