When Does Mommy Get to Rest?
“Mothering remains a challenge. Moms with young kids are always on-call. Who knows what the next seven days will entail? But in whatever needs are to arise, moms live in an everyday promise we have in Christ. One day we shall see him face to face and enter into eternal rest with him.”
Tent-Making Is Not Second-Class
“Sometimes we wrongly buy into the idea that our gospel mission advances most when we become a pastor or missionary or parachurch worker, or when we recruit others to do the same. But Paul commends gospel incarnation and proclamation in the primary context of Christian vocation and vocational networks. Our gospel mission advances when we faithfully embrace our vocations, whatever and wherever they may be.”
2 Words That Kill Effective Bible Study
“Interpreting the Scriptures is not an easy task, but it is a worthy and high calling. That is why we must depend on the Word to help us decipher the Word and on the Spirit to guide us in that task. Throw away the individualism and relativism of “to you” and take up the Word of truth.”