Your problem is bigger than you think. Now I must confess, since have no way of knowing who might be reading this, I don’t know what your problem might be. It could be as minor as a hangnail or as devastating as cancer, as temporary as (most) power outages or as permanent as the death of a loved one. Yet I stand by what I said—your problem is bigger than you think.
In order to explain what I mean I need to take you back in time—all the way back to the beginning. When God completed His creation by shaping Adam from the dust and forming Eve from his rib, He pronounced all that He had made ‘very good.’ God didn’t make a world with problems. Think about it. The problem that came to mind when you read the first sentence of this article didn’t exist “in the beginning.”
Something changed. Adam and Eve decided that the world that God has made wasn’t quite good enough. So they decided to rebel. Every problem that we face, major or minor, temporary or permanent, is the result of the great rebellion launched in the garden by our first parents. The problems that we face are real—but those problems, no matter how devastating, are only the tip of the iceberg of the real problem. Our real problem is sin.
As strange as it may sound, this is good news. Now of course it doesn’t sound like good news. We want to see our problems disappear, not come to realize that they were bigger than we thought. Yet until we realize the full extent of the problem, we will never be able to see the overwhelming wonder of the solution.
The problem of human sin is so great that it could only have one solution. A new environment didn’t fix it—just ask Noah. A special calling didn’t fix it—just ask Abraham. A wonderful deliverance didn’t fix it—just ask the children of Israel a few weeks into the wilderness. There was only ever one solution possible—a new Adam, a new humanity, and a new creation.
And this is what turns seemingly bad news into the best news of all. Jesus Christ is the New Adam, the prototype of the New Humanity, the in-breaking of the New Creation. Perfect Divinity joined to perfect humanity, He took the worst that sin had to offer and came out victorious. He held the full cup of the wrath of God against sin and drained it dry. He took on death and rose again. He is Victor. He is Lord. He is our Solution. Our real problem, the sin that haunts this fallen creation, has already been solved.
The New Creation is not yet fully revealed—we still live amidst the wreckage of the sin-cursed world of the first Adam—but it has already been launched. The very same power by which Jesus rose from the dead is even now at work in the life of every believer, re-fashioning us into the new humanity that will one day rule over the new creation. When your problem is bigger than you can handle remember that it is also bigger than you think. And that, because of Jesus, is good news.