Chapter Thirteen—Flattering Enemies and Renewed Trust

Though Christian and Hopeful both had moments of weakness, they were not always weak in the same way. Without Hopeful, Christian would have met his end in Doubting Castle; without Christian, Hopeful would have come to grief in the Enchanted Ground. The narrow way is no place for “Lone Ranger Christians.”

Chapter Fourteen—Stubborn Ignorance

Though the pilgrimage of Christian shows us that true believers can sin by doubting their salvation, the story of Ignorance reminds us that some who profess faith in Christ desperately need to examine that profession. Ignorance was confident that his belief was genuine but that confidence was entirely misplaced. While morbid introspection is never a good idea, a refusal to examine yourself is always a dangerous one.

Chapter Fifteen—Home in the Celestial City

Christian and Hopeful passed through many trials on their pilgrimages. The river of death at the last was not easy either, especially for Christian. Christian did not know, when he set out on his pilgrimage, all that he would face along the way. Yet he knew from the start that the end would be worth it. So do we.