The Challenge in Praying with Your Spouse
“I would like to extend the thirty day challenge to you. Pray for your spouse, with your spouse for thirty days and just see if it doesn’t make you more tender toward each other and more positive about your marriage and your life together.”
The Greatest Act of Spiritual Warfare
“Love flourishes and grows in relational soil rich with trust. As long as sufficient trust is present in a relationship, love is likely to be healthy and resilient. But if trust erodes, love withers. Too much erosion and it dies. Satan knows this. Which is why he works diligently, subtly, and insidiously to incite and encourage the erosion of our trust in one another. He wants to kill love.”
Marriage Isn’t Meant to Meet Your Needs
“When we approach marriage expecting our needs to be met, we fail to understand the real nature of love, and we sow seeds of marital destruction. God hasn’t designed marriage as a means to meet our personal needs. Assuming marriage is about meeting needs is dangerous for at least two reasons…”