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Cae•sa•re•a Mar•i•tim•a

Caesarea Maritima was located on the Mediterranean coast about 65 miles northwest of Jerusalem. It became the residence of the Roman governors of Judea, including Pontius Pilate, who would only come to Jerusalem for large feasts such as the Passover and other important events. Founded by Herod the Great, it was named in honor of the Roman Emperor. Laid out in straight lines, the city was equipped with all the features of a Greek city, including a temple dedicated to Caesar, a theater, and a horse racing track known as a Hippodrome. The artificial harbor that Herod built was one of the wonders of the ancient world, who also constructed a massive aqueduct to convey water to the city. Frequently mentioned in the book of Acts, this city is not to be confused with the Caesarea Philippi mentioned in the Gospels, on which I will post next week.