True Leadership Is Sacrifice, Not Privilege
“Christian leadership — in the home, the church, and elsewhere — is not for those clawing for honor and recognition, but for those most ready to fall to their knees and be inconvenienced by the needs of others. They are those who, in a sense, have their house sufficiently in order to be able to turn their attention to serving others. Instead of pursuing their own immediate benefit, they are willing to sacrifice for others’ benefit.”
Elements of a Christ-Centered Marriage
“Marriage is hard work. It’s no forty or fifty hour work week but 168 hours each week, 365 days each year, “till death do us part.” There are no days off or vacation or sick leave. But hard work doesn’t mean misery or joylessness or drudgery.”
3 Reasons My Idols Are Better Than Jesus
“Yes, the heart is an idol factory. Today it’s busily working. Building. Manufacturing. And whatever comes out of that assembly line will tell you what you want to hear, think you’re the most important thing in the universe, and hate all the same things you do. In short, those idols will be another version of our worst selves. Fight it today, Christian. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Shut down the factory, and then wake up tomorrow and shut it down again. Don’t abandon the true Jesus for an idol of your own making.”