Why You Should Let Complete Strangers Stay In Your Home
Our homes are not our own. Our lives are not our own. When are we all going to realise this? What did Jesus say we would gain if we gave everything up for him? People need to hear about the love of Jesus and they need to experience the life of the love of Jesus.”
Lord, Help My Daily Unbelief
“It’s easy to look back at times of seemingly big faith, where I “let go” of things I never really had, and foolishly pat myself on the back a little and think, “Hey, I got this. I was faithful. It worked!” only to be blindsided as I fall apart during much smaller trials — the ones that require me to make decisions, solve problems, or actually do things based on my beliefs.”
The Problem With Our Holly Jolly Christmas Songs
“We have a rich and complicated and often appropriately dark Christmas hymnody. We can sing of blessings flowing “far as the curse is found,” of the one who came to “free us all from Satan’s power.” Let’s sing that, every now and then, where we can be overheard.”