Are You Bored with Christ at Christmas?
“It’s possible to become so familiar with Jesus that we know him as a Sunday school answer rather than a mind-blowingly great, heart-meltingly beautiful Lord, who makes his claim upon our lives, to whom we owe everything, who alone gives us lasting joy, and who deserves all our worship. Familiarity with Jesus may lead us to believe we have him figured out. Simply put, perhaps we’re a little bored of him.”
Report: How Abortion Clinics Endanger Women
“A new report documents how the unsafe conditions and practices at abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood are a public health crisis that endangers women.”
J. I. Packer on Having the “Christmas Spirit”
“We talk glibly of the “Christmas spirit,” rarely meaning more by this than sentimental jollity on a family basis. But … it ought to mean the reproducing in human lives of the temper of him who for our sakes became poor at the first Christmas. And the Christmas spirit itself ought to be the mark of every Christian all the year round.”