God the Father, looking upon the sinful children of men, and seeing them all in a perishing condition by sin, out of infinite bowels of tender compassion, has provided a glorious way of mediation, of propitiation for sin. And, to that end, He has sent His only beloved Son out of His bosom, who has taken man’s nature upon Himself, united in a personal union to the end that He might be a fit Mediator to stand between a provoked God and sinful souls. And this Christ has borne the full vials of the wrath of His Father, the curse of the Law due to sin, satisfied infinite divine justice, and made a full atonement between God and sinful man. Upon these terms alone, now, He tenders and offers to every poor, wearied, distressed soul all that His Son has purchased by His blood, all His merits, that they might be an atonement for sin, a propitiation for your soul to discharge all your sins, that you might come through Him to stand acquitted before the Father for evermore. This is the sum of the gospel, and this I present and preach and offer not only to the least sinner, but to the greatest sinner in the world.

Jeremiah Burroughs, The Evil of Evils, (SDG, 1999 [1654]), pgs 303–304