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Friday Findings—January 13

Dad, Why Must I Obey?
“Have you ever heard a child ask, “Why do I have to obey?” As a father of six kids, ages seven to seventeen, I have heard this question often — when not explicitly, then in the tone of their voices and the looks on their faces. As a parent, I don’t want to merely change their external behavior; I want to help them understand the “why” of Christian obedience.”
The Travails of Lieutenant Marty
“One of the standard techniques in political propaganda, left and right, is to present ideas or events as discrete units, to be taken in isolation and detached from any larger historical or philosophical narrative… [T]his technique is also a means of bringing about huge social change by making every hill seem so small that none can be worth dying on.”
Lord, Help Me Raise My Children With a Backbone
“Research shows us that the number of evangelicals is not diminishing, as some doomsdayers might claim. Instead, what we see is that the days of the “sort of committed Christian” are coming to an end. The “mushy middle ground” of occasional church attendance and casual belief in the authority of Scripture are quickly fading. These are days, increasingly so, when those who are for Christ must be truly for Christ.”