41JoIR10VHLOur book for January through March will be Infinite Journey: Growing toward Christlikeness, by Pastor Andrew M. Davis. One of my favorite books, it offers wise counsel on almost every aspect of the Christian life. I look forward to reading through it yet again with you all!
Reading Schedule for Infinite Journey
January 15—January 21 | Foreword—Chapter Two
January 22—January 28 | Chapters Three—Four
January 29—February 4 | Chapters Five—Seven
February 5—February 11 | Chapters Eight—Ten
February 12—February 18 | Chapters Eleven—Thirteen February 19—February 25 | Chapters Fourteen—Seventeen
February 26—March 4 | Chapters Eighteen—Twenty-One
March 5—March 12 | Chapters Twenty-Two—Twenty-Five
March 12—March 18 | Chapters Twenty-Six—Twenty-Nine
March 19—March 25 | Chapter Thirty—Conclusion
Following this reading schedule requires an average of less than 7 pages of text a day!