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“Herod Philip”

“Herod Philip” is the name that historians use to refer to a son of Herod “the Great” named Philip who must be distinguished from Philip the Tetrarch. He lived in Rome with his wife Herodias (who was a granddaughter of Herod, and thus the niece of her husband) and their daughter Salome. When Herod Antipas came for a visit in AD 29, Herodias left her husband and Antipas married “his brother’s wife,” (who was also his niece) to the strident condemnation of John the Baptist. Apart from his ill-fated marriage to Herodias, we know very little about him as he is only mentioned (both in the New Testament and in our other historical sources) in relation to the theft of his wife. His daughter Salome married Philip the Tetrarch.