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Infinite Journey | Part Two

41JoIR10VHLChapter One: An Infinite Journey Mapped Out

Davis uses the imagery of two “infinite journeys,” the inward journey of conformity to Christ and the outward journey of witness to the world. Though we are constantly tempted to prioritize one over the other, in reality, we cannot make progress in either without making progress in both. One sided “progress” is progress in name only. How does this temptation show up in your life?

Chapter Two: Our Great Salvation

Though salvation is basic to the Christian life, understanding it is a life long journey. Our salvation is so vast and so wonderful that if we ever assume we have no more to learn about it, we are in far greater danger than we realize. Though we will never master the full extent of the salvation the work of Christ has won for us, we must never stop seeking to comprehend it just a little bit better. Does your salvation still thrill you more than anything else in the world? If not, why not?