Chapter Eight: Conviction of Things Not Seen

Just as faith enables us to look forward to our glorious future with eager anticipation, it also leads us to fear the consequences of sin, even when we cannot see those consequences in the present. Faith preserves us from presumption as well as despair.

Chapter Nine: Reliance on Christ

Faith, as Davis detailed in the previous two chapters, help us to live our lives today in light of a future we cannot yet see. Yet faith also leads us to rely on Christ in the present, trusting in Him, not only for salvation, but for every need that we have. Maturity in the Christian life demands an ever greater reliance by faith on the strength of Christ.

Chapter Ten: Reception of Spiritual Guidance

Finally, it is by faith that we are able to make decisions that please God. Believing in the presence of the Holy Spirit, even when we cannot see Him, we receive the guidance that we need to make progress in both our inward and outward journeys. As we live each day by obedient faith, we grow increasingly able to discern the will of God as we strive to please Him in all that we do.