Ladies, don’t forget that our annual ladies retreat is coming soon!  You don’t want to miss it!
While April 29 is the official deadline to sign up, we’re asking that you give us an early heads up if you plan on attending this year. We need to know how many people we’re going to have by April 9. After that date, the full rental cost of the homes can’t be reimbursed if we need to cancel any of them based on our numbers. So please let us know.
The retreat is May 10-12 at Seabrook, Washington, a beautiful coastal community just north of Ocean Shores. This year’s theme is “Defined.” It focuses on understanding the way that external forces define you and the effect that has on your life … and understanding the way that God defines you in reality. It promises to be a time of great encouragement and fellowship. If you have any questions, please see either April Moss or Emily Houston.