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Genesis Lesson Two | 1:1–2:3

In the beginning, there were no planets or stars or people. There was no matter, no time, and no space. There was nothing and there was no one except God—until God began to speak. With ten speeches in six days, he created absolutely everything that is. He created stars and planets and rocks and water. He created birds and beasts and whales and trees. He created humanity, male and female, in his likeness and gave them the responsibility to image his rule over the very good world which he had made. Despite mankind’s rebellion, the purposes God had for his creation in the beginning, described here in Genesis 1, are the very same purposes we find him fulfilling at the end, described in Revelation 21–22. When the work of redemption has undone the results of rebellion, the heavens and the earth will be made new and all things will once again be very good.
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